(report)             The first issue that the BMPC had answered was about the ember integration or the open and voluntary membership inside the coop. The BMPC or the Bagbaguin Multi-purpose Cooperative said that the applicants who want to apply for membership must be 18-60 years old for the regular members. If someone applied for the membership who has a husband or a wife they must have the consent of their husband or wife first before they can apply for the membership. The pre-membership education seminar in this coop held every first Sunday of the month. They conducted such seminars to know the risk and benefits of joining the coop. After every seminar they give certificate of attendance for those who participated in the seminar. When talking of the right of the members to vote, BMPC said that if you have been a member for two years you have the right to be a candidate but only for a lower position like committee. Then if you’re already a committee you can now proceed being a candidate for the board. If you have been active member for one year, you have the right to vote. You can also check the up records/assets and status of the coop. When talking about the privileges, BMPC said that the members can avail regular loans like emergency loans, appliance loans and special business loans. These loans are selected loans. The responsibilities inside the coop are to attend seminars, to pay for the loans and to participate in the coop like their livelihood program such as capital contributions. The capital contribution in BPMC was divided into three. The membership fee which is 150 pesos, the initial share capital which is 100 pesos and the hospitalization which is 50 pesos for the total of 350 pesos. When talking of the democratic member control which is the second area or issue in the coop. BMPC apply the “one member one vote policy” in their coop. The third area or issue was about the member economic participation. BMPC said that the share capital was depends on the ability of the person the coop required. They use to teach their member to save money. The forth area that have discussed was about the autonomy and independence inside the coop. It has something to do with the member economic participation. The next topic was about the education, training and information. BMPC use to inform the person who want to attend the seminar. They also required the committee to attend either the credit or board. The sixth issue or area was about the cooperation among cooperatives. It has something to do with the coop network. The VAFEMCO or the Valenzuela Federation of Multi-purpose Cooperative is the association of all cooperatives throughout the Valenzuela. Members must attend the congress where it was depend on the topic t5hat will be discuss in the person of the coop who will attend the meeting. The last issue in the coop was about the concern for the community. BMPC undergoing “alay lakad” for their scholarship program in PLV or the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela.    REFLECTION           This interview was conducted in Valenzuela. The cooperative that was interviewed was the Bagbaguin Multi-purpose Cooperative (BMPC). The officers together with the committee of this coop answered the questions that we asked. This interview was conducted on February 16, 2008. Before this interview was held the BMPC scheduled a exact date for interview. Maybe because they are so busy in some meetings and seminars conducted inside their coop. We have learned that this coop was helping a particular school which is the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela (MLV). It only means that this coop is truly a successful and huge coop that was located in Valenzuela. They also told us that they conduct seminars every first Sunday of the month. That’s why their members are really equipped with information regarding the risk and benefits they can obtain inside the coop. When talking of the experience about the interview, we can say that we had a very good experience dealing with this people. They are very friendly and enjoy talked to. They really show us the spirit of cooperativism. They talk to us politely and treat us as their visitors. They made us comfortable dealing with them. That’s why we really enjoyed their company. They also invite us to attend some of their seminars to inform us with the things involved in the coop. This experience was really great.


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